Things to Remember for the 5th November

Bonfire night can provide a lot of fun and be a great spectacle, but if you don’t look out for potential problems you can end up getting your fingers burnt. Is there a planned event near your premises that could impact on your business?

What should you do to prepare?

  • Keep an eye on the local press for any organised events and contact the event organiser if possible to discuss arrangements. When planning for the event, consider the following;
  • Access – will the visitors be walking through or parking in your yard or car park? If this is the case you might consider having a member of stay present to monitor things.
  • Smoke – If there is a bonfire too, consider whether you have anything stored in the open which might get damaged by smoke.
  • Livestock – If you have any animals on your premises then consider re-homing them for the event.
  • Be aware that increased footfall around your business after dark could increase the opportunity for theft or vandalism at your premises.

On the evening of the event, monitor the situation, keep an eye on the weather conditions and the direction of the wind as well as any unauthorised access to your premises. Most of all enjoy the event and your grandstand view!