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Broadsure Direct can ensure you and your business has the protection it needs. 

Whether you need specific Liability Insurance or a Commercial Combined Insurance Policy, we work with some of the country’s leading insurers to provide you with comprehensive and cost-effective solutions. 

Business Insurance Quotation

Property Damage 

Liability Claims

The risk of Financial Theft

Damage to your Equipment 

Damage of third person's or property 

Loss of income

Liability Cover for your employees


Our teams are trained to deal with all liability products, from small stand-alone liability products to larger and difficult to place risks. 


For large or complicated risks, Broadsure Direct will select an insurer with the right appetite for your business by utilising our Lloyds of London markets. Should you request it, both ourselves and the insurer will be on hand and onsite to assist you with renewals, claims, and significant changes to your business.

Commercial Combined Insurance

Commercial Combined Insurance is vital if you are a business owner as this ensures the protection of your stock, buildings, and content. It can also protect you from business interruption, cover for any money left on the premises and third party’s goods. 

Liability Insurance

You may choose to take out Independent Liability cover, adding the extra protection you require depending on the size and specialisation of your company. 

Employers Liability

 If your employees become ill or injured because of their work they can make a claim against your business. Employers Liability Insurance is compulsory when you have employees and you could face a fine for not having this protection.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

If a client makes a claim for financial or business losses against your company, whether it is for the work you have completed or advice given, Professional Indemnity Insurance will protect you from being liable for thousands. Public Liability Insurance will protect you and your company (if, because of your business, a third party is injured or their property damage). 



Can I get Business Insurance before registering my business? 

Yes, you can get Business Insurance before registering your business. 

Is Public Liability Insurance required by law? 

Public Liability Insurance is not required by law like other Insurance policies (i.e., employers liability). However, it is vital for any business that interacts with the public on a daily basis, because of the risk of accident on your premises. 

Do I need Public Liability Insurance as a sole trader? 

Public Liability insurance will protect you from compensation pay-outs, settling claims and any legal fees that may ensue. It is not a legal requirement but it is advisable to have this cover whether you are a sole trader or a limited company.


Do I need Employers Liability insurance? 

Yes, Employers Liability insurance is a legal requirement because employers are responsible for the health and safety of their employees whilst at work. In the event of an accident (that is a consequence of work) employees will be able to make a claim against their employer. 

What is Business Interruption insurance? 

Business interruption insurance covers you for a loss of income when you are unable to carry out business as usual due to an unexpected event. This type of insurance aims to put your business back in the same trading position it was in before the event occurred.

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