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Road Risk Insurance


Third Party Only Road Risk Cover allows you to drive vehicles you own or have recently purchased on the road, protecting you against any third-party incident. It does not protect you from damage caused to your own vehicle. 


Road Risk Cover can extend to Third Party, Fire and Theft which protects against the above as well as against fire and theft. 


Comprehensive Cover includes all of the above as well as accidental damage cover for your own vehicle, regardless of fault. 


Further cover can be obtained in the form of a Commercial Combined Motor Trade Risk Policy. This would have an element of some of the road risk cover (above) with the additional options such as: Premises cover, Employees cover, Public Liability cover, Office Insurance, Business Interruption, and Tools of Trade Insurance. Broadsure Direct also offer additional Liability covers such as Product Sales, Indemnity Cover, Public Liability and Employers Liability. 

  • A dedicated account handler working with you throughout your policy term.

  • An experienced and friendly support team to assist with general queries and policy changes. 

  • Tailor-made and cost effective instalment plans with various providers and options to suit your business circumstances. 

  • Full claims handling services to assist with claims reporting and leasing. 

  • Saturday opening hours. 

  • Bespoke schemes from the country’s leading insurers. 

  • Full 're-broke' service to our insurer panel on every new business and renewal. 

  • Ensuring you receive the best price and terms the firms can offer at all times.

Our Services:


What is Motor Trade Insurance?

Motor Trade Insurance covers businesses and employees when working on or driving customer vehicles. This cover can protect businesses against any accidental damages or problems that may occur. 

Can I add other drivers to my policy? 

You can add your employees on the policy as Named Drivers so they are covered to drive the vehicles for Motor Trade purposes.

What is an Indemnity Limit? 

An Indemnity Limit (or level) is the maximum amount an insurer would pay in the event of a claim. If a claim’s value is higher than the indemnity figure, you may have to pay the rest yourself. 


What is a Protected no-claims bonus?

 Protected no-claims bonus (NCB) allows you to protect your years of no claims (that have been earned) in the event of an accident. Most insurers will offer no-claims bonus protection after 4 years. The insurer, in the event of a fault claim, will increase the premium and reduce the no-claims discount. However with Protected no-claims bonus, the premium will still increase in the event of a fault claim but the level of discount will still apply. The number of fault claims allowed and the level of discount offered varies depending on the insurer. Your advisor will provide you with these stipulations prior to the cover being accepted.

Are there driving restrictions when a vehicle is being used under a Motor Trade Policy?

Certain restrictions can apply but these will be discussed when working on your quotation. It is imperative that you also read your policy schedule and policy wording to be sure of everything you are covered for, as well as everything you aren’t.

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