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Broadsure Direct have been arranging Taxi Insurance for over 10 years. 


Our customers require policies that perform as they expect in the event of a claim and a high level of service from their broker. 

Taxi Insurance Quotation

Our Products include:

Comprehensive Cover 

Named Drivers 

Flexible Excesses and costs

Immediate cover 

Document handling with your local licensing authority  

Courtesy vehicles in the event of a claim 

Social, domestic and pleasure

Driving abroad (on request and subject to insurer quoted)

Dedicated account handlers

Dedicated documents and service team 

Bespoke renewals every year to ensure your premium remains competitive 


Broadsure Direct allocates a dedicated account handler to every taxi customer, ensuring that the policy is seamless day-to-day and your renewal quotations remain competitive year-on-year. Account handlers are also supported by a professional taxi trained team who handle queries, claims and document submissions quickly and efficiently. 


Is Taxi Insurance more expensive than Car Insurance? 

Taxi Insurance is generally more expensive than standard Car Insurance because there is a higher chance of an accident, due to the vehicle being on the road for a longer period with a higher frequency of passengers. 

What is the difference between Private and Public Hire Insurance? 

Private Hire vehicles can be pre-booked but cannot be hailed at a taxi rank or on the street. Public Hire vehicles can also be pre-booked, but they can also pick up fares on the street as well as at taxi ranks. Private and Public Hire have different risks but the amount you pay for your policy can depend on different factors, like driver and vehicle age, location and annual mileage. 

Can I use my private cars no-claims bonus for my Taxi Insurance?  

It is not common that you will be able to use your private cars no-claims Bonus for your Taxi Insurance. Most insurers will only accept no-claims bonus from your previous taxi experience. Broadsure Direct may be able to use your previous No Claims Bonus from your private car with certain insurers upon referral. 

How many drivers can I have on my policy?  

If you purchase Single Vehicle Taxi Insurance you can insure up to 4 drivers on a ‘Named Driver’ policy. 

What is the difference between Uber Insurance and Private Hire Insurance?

Local authorities license both Uber Taxi drivers and Private Hire Taxi drivers, therefore, the Insurance required is relatively similar. It is important to recognise that neither Public Hire nor Uber drivers are licensed to pick up passengers from the street or use taxi ranks because all journeys carrying passengers must be pre-booked. 

How old do you have to be to be a Taxi Driver? 

Broadsure Direct typically offers Taxi insurance to people who are 25 years and above. Drivers aged 21 can get a Taxi Insurance Policy providing they have held their full UK drivers licence for more than two years. If you are under 25 it may be more difficult because there is more risk involved the younger you are. 

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