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Broadsure Direct offer comparison quotations with enhanced discounts and cover from the country’s leading Commercial Insurers. If you are looking to review your current HGV insurance arrangement, Broadsure Direct have a wide range of schemes and discounts available to pass onto you.

Broadsure Direct can provide you with a  HGV Insurance Policy with any of the following conditions:

Any vehicle up to 100 tonnes

Owner Drivers 

Haulage and Own Goods


Tippers and Tankers

Skip carriers

Scrap Dealers 

Waste Dealers 

Public Liability

Employers Liability

High Risk Liability

Goods in Transit

Fleet of 2+ Vehicles

Claims and Convictions

Immediate Cover 

Special Types

Click here for more information about Goods in Transit for your HGV

HGV Operators/owners can choose discounts and additional services by utilising subsidised vehicle security options which are available on request. Cameras, telematic devices, driver training and fleet manager training is available to all customers with Fleet or Commercial Single vehicles, from some of our leading insurers. 

Despite being offered as a preventative measure, an increased number of operators have chosen to implement one of these services to support them in the event of a loss.

Working with these insurers, Broadsure Direct will provide you with a support network to help keep your claim costs and subsequent premiums within your allocated budget. 


Can you get HGV Insurance without an Operators licence? 

You will need an Operators Licence if you have a vehicle that weighs more than 3.5 tonnes and is being used to carry goods in conjunction with a trade or business.


Do I need an ADR licence? 

You will need an ADR licence if you are transporting dangerous goods. The ADR refers to a set of European rules and regulations that are specific to dangerous goods haulage. Relevant documentation about the goods in transit will need to be on hand during transportation.

Who can drive my HGV or Truck?  

An Any Driver policy allows any registered driver to use any of the vehicles on the policy. An Any Driver policy may be the right option for you if there are lots of drivers working for a company as it allows for greater flexibility. However, all drivers will need to adhere to the policy's rules and requirements. Drivers that fall outside of the criteria can still be covered but will need to be referred to the insurer first.

Can I get HGV insurance if I am under 25?

Yes but this may be more difficult as younger drivers are commonly considered to be a higher risk. Telematics and GPS can lower the insurance cost for younger drivers. 

Can I use my Private car’s No Claims Bonus? 

Yes, policies can be arranged where No Claims Bonus (earned on a private or company car policy) can be used. However, this will need to be discussed before cover can be accepted.

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