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Broadsure Direct offers: 

  • Fleet insurance with schemes in place for Haulage and Own Goods Vehicles. 

  • Single vehicle and Multi-vehicle policies. 

  • All vehicles will be catered for. Including tippers, skips, cranes, road sweepers, concrete pumps, cherry pickers, and other special types. 

  • Goods in Transit and Associated Liability Insurance. 

  • Quotations from an experienced panel of insurers with bespoke discounts and schemes available to Broadsure Direct. 


Fleet Quotation

Any truck up to 100 tonnes


Fleet of 2+ vehicles 

Owner Drivers 

Haulage and Own Goods 


Tippers and Tankers 

Skip Carriers

Special Types




Scrap Dealers


Waste Dealers


Public Liability

Employers Liability

High Risk Liability 

Goods in Transit 

Large Claims Costs

Immediate cover 

Click here for more information about Goods in Transit for your Fleet.

Fleet operators and owners can choose discounts and additional services by utilising subsidised vehicle security options (available upon request). These include cameras, telematics devices, driver training and fleet manager training, which are available to Fleet policies from some of our leading and participating insurers. 


A large number of operators choose these services as a preventative measure to support them in the instance that they suffer a loss (which could affect their business and premiums). 

Working with these insurers, Broadsure Direct will provide you with a support network to help keep your claims and subsequent premiums within your allocated budget.


What is Commercial Fleet Insurance? 

Commercial Fleet Insurance provides cover for businesses with two or more vehicles. It allows business owners/directors to manage all vehicles under one policy, making the process manageable and less time consuming. These vehicles have to be registered in the name of your company (with vehicles owned by the director or partners being noted on the policy).

How many vehicles do I need to be eligible for Fleet Insurance? 

You have to have two or more vehicles in order to qualify for Fleet Insurance. These vehicles have to be registered in the name of your company, with vehicles owned by the the partner or director being noted on the policy.

Can a Fleet Vehicle be used for Social Purposes?

Yes we can obtain cover for a multitude of uses. This can range from Courier to Social, Domestic and Pleasure use. 

Can I change vehicles on my Fleet Policy? 

Yes, you can make changes at any time throughout the policy term.

What drivers are covered by Commercial Fleet Insurance? 

The drivers covered by your Commercial Fleet Insurance policy are dependent on the type of policy you decide upon. You may be asked to provide information about the drivers, such as: driver age, licence length, claims and/or criminal convictions. Driving restrictions range from Any Driver over 17 to Any Driver over 30.

Can I earn no-claims bonus on a Fleet Policy?

No, you do not earn no claims bonus with a Commercial Fleet policy. However Confirmed Claims Experience documents work similarly in the sense that the premium will be lower if there are less claims on the policy.

What are Confirmed Claims Experience documents? Why do I need them and what if I don’t have them? 

Confirmed Claims Experience Documents (CCE) are a record of the claims made on your fleet policy, including the claim frequency and the total paid out as a result of those claims. Brokers commonly ask for three years of CCE in order to provide a quotation. If you have not had Fleet insurance before (or for three years prior) you will be asked to provide proof of No Claims Bonus for each of the vehicles you would like on the policy. 

Should my Fleet Insurance broker send out my CCE? 

Yes your fleet insurance broker should send out your CCE upon request. Your current broker will receive your Confirmed Claims Experience documents three to four weeks before the end of your policy.

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