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Goods in Transit Insurance - Broadsure Direct


Broadsure Direct offer a wide range of Goods in Transit cover for Couriers, Hauliers and Removers.


With a panel of carefully selected insurers that represent a fair proportion of the market, Broadsure Direct offers policies that cater to the more standard items to high-risk loads.

Please complete the quotation form with your information and let us compare the market for you. 

Highlighted below are the different types of Goods in Transit cover that Broadsure Direct offer, but if your requirements seem more complicated please complete the form and allow us to assist you through our specialist markets. 

RHA (Road Haulage Association) Conditions

Members of the RHA can insure their vehicle on a per tonne basis. The RHA Conditions of Carriage (2009 act) need to be taken into consideration, and if these conditions are followed you can limit liability for the goods you cover. 


CMR (The Convention of Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road) cover 

This allows couriers and hauliers to transport goods within Europe legally where the CMR convention applies. It means hauliers who are delivering international shipments to the UK are liable for loss, damage, and delay. If you are solely a UK Courier or Haulier you do not require CMR Insurance. 


All risks insurance 

You declare the total amount of cover you need, and your goods will be covered up to this amount. This cover includes theft, accidental damage, and loss because it is on an ‘all risk’ basis. 


Additional Insurance Policies:

Public Liability Insurance

Protects you from losses that may arise if any member of the public is injured in connection with your business or service, and third-party property damage. 

Employers Liability

If your employees become ill or injured because of their work, they can make a claim against your business. Employers Liability Insurance is compulsory when you have employees; you could face a fine for not having this protection.

Our Courier customers usually require general Goods in Transit cover. 


Broadsure Direct works with individual customers with their own contracts as well as customers linked to Amazon, DPD, Yodel, Barron Wood, Maritime Transport and more… 


What is Goods in Transit Cover and why do I need it? 

Goods in Transit Insurance covers goods and products from loss, damage and theft while being transported from one location to another. This policy can be purchased in isolation as it solely covers the contents being carried. Although Goods in Transit cover is not a legal requirement, it is usually a contractual one and it is highly recommended because of the risk involved whilst transporting goods on behalf of a third party.  


Broadsure Direct currently provides Goods in transit cover to Couriers, Hauliers, Motor Traders, Removal Firms, Vehicle Recovery Agents and many more.


Is it possible to cover more than one vehicle on the same policy? 

Yes and in many cases you can actually receive a discount when covering more than one vehicle. 


What types of items are not covered by Goods in Transit Insurance?

Goods in Transit insurance does not typically cover: live animals, money, fine works of art and goods that would be highly attractive to thieves. The goods you transport, including any hazardous materials, will need to be disclosed to your insurance provider. If you fail to inform your insurer of the type of goods being carried, you could have your claims denied and insurance revoked. Broadsure Direct is able to offer cover for theft of attractive goods, hazardous materials and also temperature controlled goods upon request.


What else do I need to consider when getting Goods in Transit Cover? 

You should consider the maximum coverage provided by your policy as the required protection will be specific to your business type. Some insurers may offer weight restricted policies based on tonnage carried, while others will offer policies based on a maximum sum insured of goods that are carried. You should always make sure you are buying the right amount of coverage to protect all of your cargo. 


What types of Goods in Transit can the firm offer?

Broadsure Direct can offer RHA cover (on differing levels per tonne), full value Liability/All Risks cover, and UK and European CMR as well as cover under BIFA conditions. Broadsure Direct can cover hazardous goods, theft attractive goods and refrigerated goods - although these do require deterioration of stock which can also be included on all above covers.

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